The Quantum Manifestation Coach


Ready to become a Master Manifestation Coach, create a life you’re deeply obsessed with and become a booked-out  coach, leader, visionary and entrepreneur?

Well the Universe has sent you to the right place.

The 8-week live Quantum Manifestation Coach Certification to help you become a master coach and master of your reality.

Who’s it for? 

Leaders and coaches and entrepreneurs looking to deepen their mastery in the areas of mindset, manifestation, energetics and business. 

And to help their clients create exponential results in their life.

Is this you?

You may be feeling like:

  • You’re here to leave a massive ripple effect in the world;

  • You’re ready to create enormous wealth and abundance in your life and the lives of others;

  • You’re ready to create more freedom and space in your life to enjoy everything life has to offer;

  • You’re ready to bend space and time and make the seemingly impossible happen in your life;

  • You’re ready to do the work to become a master of your craft and you’re willing to work hard and manifest hard to make it happen.

  • You’re a powerful leader ready to unleash your unique message into the world; and

  • You’re at the perfect place in time to make your next quantum leap.

You are a powerful Master Creator.

You know Manifestation works.

You trust the Law of Attraction because you’ve seen the results in your own life.

You believe in the power of mindset.

And now you’re ready to share this wisdom with the world.

Imagine a future where you are…

  • Running an amazing coaching business working with clients that you love;

  • You have the total time and financial freedom to live a life on your terms;

  • Have the resources to invest in the best mentorship and personal development that money can buy;

  • Delivering incredible results for yourself and for your clients; and

  • You get to manifest on demand because you are a Master of the Laws of Manifestation.

This is exactly what the Quantum Manifestation Coach Certification is designed to do.


The Details

An 8-Week Certification where you’ll be coached and trained live in in the “Quantum Manifestation Method”.

Each week consists of a live coaching call and Q&A session along with a workbook/manual.

What We Cover:

The Certification covers 4 distinct phases:

Phase 1:

The Fundamental principles of becoming a Master Manifestation Coach.

Phase 2: 

The Quantum Manifestation Coach method.

Phase 3: 

Delivering incredible results for your client.

Phase 4: 

Leveraging the Quantum Manifestation Coach Certification to scale your business and your life.

What We'll Cover Each Module:

Module 1: An introduction to the Quantum Manifestation Coach Method

Module 2: The Fundamentals of Coaching Mastery

Module 3: Create Rapid Internal Shifts using the Quantum Manifestation Coach Method (Part 1)

Module 4: Create Rapid Internal Shifts using the Quantum Manifestation Coach Method (Part 2)

Module 5:  Create Rapid Internal Shifts using the Quantum Manifestation Coach Method (Part 3)

Module 6: Collapsing Space and Time for Your Clients and Yourself

Module 7: Navigating Deeper Client Challenges & Creating Exponential Results

Module 8: Utilizing the Certification to Scale Your Business

BONUS 1: Live Q&A +  Next Steps for Creating Quantum Leaps in your business and life

BONUS 2: Live Q&A call with Loren 

You'll Receive:

By the end of the certification, you’ll be required to submit an online assessment in order to become certified.

After that, you’ll be ready to be a certified Quantum Manifestation Coach from Aluna Academy. 

At the end of the certification, you’ll receive:

1. Lifetime access to all of the 8 modules and bonus calls

2. A workbook with exercises you can take your clients through

3. Lifetime certification


BONUS 1: High-Impact Quantum Coach Program (Valued at $347)

BONUS 2: Niched eBook & Workbook (Valued $97)

BONUS 3: Bloom: 2-Day Business Event (Valued $197)

BONUS 4: House of Aluna 1-year membership (Valued at $500)


Pay-in-full - $3000 USD

Monthly Payment Plan - 2 x $1600

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Pre-Sale BONUS

Use code ALUNA for a $500 coupon when you pay-in-full before Midnight 11 June AEST. 


Weekly Call Schedule

Weekly call at:

  • Tuesday 7am, Australian Eastern Time
  • Monday 2pm, Pacific Time
  • Monday 10pm London time

NOTE: All calls are recorded with lifetime access.

Have a question or need help? Send an email to [email protected] and we'll take care of you.