Designed for Passionate Heart Centered Leaders who want to manifest their Dream Life & help others do the same.

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So, tell me something...
What would it feel like to:

Know that you can manifest and magnetize anything that you desire in life using your unique energy?

Become a grounded, embodied and certified master manifestation coach working with your dream clients?

Own a successful 7+ figure coaching business that you are wildly passionate about?

Live your true purpose and leave a legacy on this planet?

This 8-Week Certification Program will open up a whole new portal for you to effortlessly master in the areas of mindset, manifestation, energetics and business.

> YES! I'M READY to become a Master Manifestation Coach!

Phase I: Foundation

Getting Started, Structure and Setting Expectations

This Phase takes you through introductions and practices to embody an abundant lifestyle with a burning passion to change the world and empower millions as a Coach. It's important to have a clear success roadmap / blueprint in front of you everyday so you can take action everyday.

Phase II: Integration

Mastering the Quantum Manifestation Coach Method.

In this phase you will go through a few advanced exercises and learn the techniques that will allow you to create a massive shift in your journey of building a 6+ figure coaching business.

Phase III: Implementation

How to deliver incredible results for your clients.

This Phase is all about "DOING". We will navigate deeper through client acquisition and retention challenges and create a plan to bring exponential results for your clients.

Phase IV: Application

Receiving & Leveraging your OFFICIAL CERTIFICATION

In this Phase you will be given the steps for receiving your Official Master Quantum Manifestation Coach Certification. Your life wouldn't be the same after this. Your certification will build a Massive Credibility for your Brand and will help you attract your dream clients and enable you to manifest your dream life.

Week 1

An introduction to the Quantum Manifestation Coach (QMC) Method

Week 2

The Fundamentals of Becoming a Sought After Coach in the Industry

Week 3

Creating Rapid Internal Shifts using QMC Method (Part 1)

Week 4

Creating Rapid Internal Shifts using QMC Method (Part 2)

Week 5

Creating Rapid Internal Shifts using QMC Method (Part 3)

Week 6

Collapsing space and time for yourself and your clients

Week 7

Navigating Deeper Client Challenges & Creating Exponential Results

Week 8

Utilizing the Certification to Scale Your Business

Your Highest Level YOU is Calling... It's Time to Say YES!

When you join today, you will unlock these FAST ACTION BONUSES listed below!

Get Instant Access to High-Impact Quantum Coach Program

The Quantum Coach Program was created to end the constant struggles every entrepreneur faces while running their Coaching Business. Your focus should be on transforming the lives of your clients, not finding them.

I want you to experience the joy of creating and thriving in a high-impact business that attracts your ideal clients who WANT to buy your high-ticket offers.

The Quantum Coach Program consists of 30+ Lessons on how you can apply my Align-Build-Scale Framework to your business and create the mindset & business shifts needed to quantum leap to $100K and beyond.

Use the Complete Align-Build-Scale framework and apply it to your business to scale to $100K and beyond without succumbing to marketing techniques that don’t work.

Discover how to find perfect alignment with your core mission and goals & reprogram your subconscious to become unstoppable.

Learn about your Money Story and how you can overcome money blocks to begin building a high-profitable coaching business.

Create high-ticket offers & attract high-paying clients with expert branding, story-telling & lead-generations strategies.

Discover the Mindset Hacks to overcome imposter syndrome and let go of limiting beliefs.

Automate your Business so that you can produce consistent results ($10K+ months) & focus your time and energy where it matters most to you.

Become a High-Impact Quantum Coach with a 6-Figure & Beyond Coaching Business.

My "Niched" Ebook + Exercise Workbook

I’ve compiled every single strategy to help you discover your Niche and gain clarity on who your ideal client is and how you can attract them to your high-ticket offers in an awesome EBOOK!

If being an Entrepreneur and Impacting Lives’ is Your Dream, then You’re Going To Love The ‘Niched’ Ebook, where I lay down straight my learnings over the years as an Entrepreneur and Why Finding a Niche is Secret To Your Success.

Along with a clear ACTION PLAN that you can follow to discover your own unique Niche and attract ideal clients who want to pay for your high-ticket services.

Uncovering your Niche and discovering your soulmate clients and how you’re meant to serve them.

Finding your highest mission and purpose so that you can focus on creating impact where it matters most.

Learning how to craft irresistible offers and attracting high-paying clients using your own voice.

Getting over Imposter Syndrome and becoming an Expert in your chosen niche and differentiating yourself from the competition.

Connecting with your most authentic self by discovering who you are and what you were BORN to do.

Finding Perfect Alignment with the Niche you're in and the clients you want to serve.

Coveted Recordings of the "Bloom" Business Event

At the beginning of this year, I created a Powerful Online Business Event called "BLOOM" to help Coaches create a step by step blueprint to scale their coaching business to 6 figures and beyond.

It was a phenomenal success and the frameworks that I demonstrated in those two days laid the foundation for so many participants to win in 2021.

This is your chance to get INSIDE ACCESS to full recordings of BLOOM Workshop.

How to identify your High Ticket Niche

The ABS Formula for creating a high-conversion, high ticket funnel

The systems, processes and automations tools you need to scale

Social Media Strategies that are delivering amazing results for me right now

Identify & eliminate big mindset blocks and self-sabotage patterns that are stopping you from breaking through your revenue ceiling

My favorite "manifestation hacks" that I use daily to create multiple 5-figure months in my business with ease.

Full Access to "House of Aluna" Online Portal (1 Year)

This online portal will allow you to access all my best trainings and resources..EVERYTHING AT ONE PLACE.

I won’t reveal a lot of details about this right now. I want to keep it a little secret and then surprise you with immense value once you’re in.

My goal with this Certification Program is to get you out of the "Do-Do-Do" Mode and tap into your Energy of BE-ing, allowing, and receiving.

By the end of the program, I want you to:

Be in Your Feminine and allow "MANIFESTATION MAGIC" to be an instrumental force in your life.

▵ Allow Your Energies to guide you through your personal and business challenges.

▵ Recognize & Embody Your Intuitive Powers To Manifest With 100% certainty, EVERY TIME.

If you’re here, you’ve always stood out from the crowd in your own way.

And now, It's time for you to create that intimate relationship with your soulful being

So you can step into your divine feminine and show up as a changemaker and a force to be reckoned with.

It's time for you to step courageously into your power.


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Top features

  • The Mentorship where I, Loren Trlin, coach you to make sure you win every single week for 8-Weeks straight ($8000)
  • BONUS #1: Get instant access to HIGH-IMPACT QUANTUM COACH PROGRAM ($747)
  • BONUS #3: Coveted Recordings of The "BLOOM" BUSINESS EVENT ($997)
  • BONUS #4: Full Access to "HOUSE OF ALUNA" Online Portal (PRICELESS)

1 Single Payment


  • The Mentorship where I, Loren Trlin, coach you to make sure you win every single week for 8-Weeks straight ($8000)
  • BONUS #1: Get instant access to HIGH-IMPACT QUANTUM COACH PROGRAM ($747)
  • BONUS #3: Coveted Recordings of The "BLOOM" BUSINESS EVENT ($997)
  • BONUS #4: Full Access to "HOUSE OF ALUNA" Online Portal (PRICELESS)

Get Certified Now

Enrollment Open, Limited spots.

Hi, I’m Loren Trlin and I created the Quantum Manifestation Certification Program to support my one and only mission -

“To work with the next generation of high-impact coaches who transform people’s lives and put more money, power and freedom in their hands.”

You see, there’s a deeper reason behind why I feel SO passionately about empowering coaches to step up and shine in their brilliance while making money.

At the age of 22 I lost my Dad and that cracked me open.

I realized how fleetingly short life was and it made me question everything.

I started working with a psychologist and realized the impact coaches and therapists had on the human race.

I studied law and was a Successful Lawyer for 3 years. Was I happy? Heck, no!

Anxiety and Stress were my best friends. We hung out a lot back then.

To add to that, with my Dad’s passing, I was involved in the multi-million dollar liquidation of our family’s business. This led me to experience the gut-wrenching pain of a failing business.

Yes, I’ve seen the challenges and the turmoil that takes place when your business doesn’t turn out the way you thought it would.

Call it a Moment of Truth OR an Eye Opening Phase of my Life...

I finally accepted the truth that I wasn't happy as a lawyer and that I need to follow a profession where I can create maximum impact on the human race.

And that's what I did. I became a certified Life Coach.

It was a great experience because I was essentially taught how to help people.

But it didn't prepare me to run a business.

So I hired a Business Coach and that allowed me to tap into my personal and business vision and create a perfect alignment with what I wanted to do.

Results?? - Went from $0 to $100K in a matter of months.

Not overnight... Months.

Because Growing a 6-figure business takes time.

But doing it all alone without a mentor is only going to delay your success.

Listen - I know what it feels like to be you because I have been there too. Becoming a Guinea Pig and testing everything and investing a ton of time, money and energy wasn't pretty.

Thankfully, you don't have to go through that painful phase like I did.

Let me mentor you to build a profitable 6-figure coaching business around your genius and your vibration so you can create the impact you were born to create.

Your future clients are counting on you!

Have questions? Still undecided?

Send me an email at:
[email protected]