Are You Ready To Raise Your Vibration, Grow Your Profits and Scale Your Coaching Empire?

I'm so proud to annouce:

The no-BS Accelerator Program to transform YOU into an Aligned & Abundant Entrepreneur while scaling your coaching business to 6 figures and beyond.

Abundant Entrepreneur Accelerator (AEA) is a 60-Day, Step By Step Mentorship Program that equips you and your business with the right mindset and business training to scale beyond 6 figures per year.

You don’t have to spend years sacrificing your sanity over discovery calls that leave you drained and disappointed.

You don’t have to give up your weekends to wrangle with a website that brings you nothing but financial grief and anxiety.

The reason some coaches seem to slide straight to 6-figure years is not because of some magic pill but because they quantum leap their way to a sustainable, profitable business that makes an easy $10K or more every month.

In this Abundant Entrepreneur Accelerator, you will learn how to create your own "Quantum Leap" story when you go through our error-free, easy-to-follow roadmap that takes you straight from being stuck-in-Sorryville to a thriving, 6-figure business.

Without getting distracted by the next shiny object or feeling overwhelmed, frustrated and lost.

You will Learn Absolutely Everything You Need To Know (Aligned Offer Creation, Packaging & Pricing Your Premium Offer, Client Attraction Formula, and more..) through our detailed 8-week curriculum.

And if you run into any questions or feel stuck, we'll be right there by your side to tackle it. Inside AEA, you will be a part of our private community and you will get access to weekly Live Calls with me / AEA certified Business Coach to help you troubleshoot, gain clarity and keep that momentum up in your business.

You’ve Tried it The Hard Way, Now Try it The FAST Way..

We make it pretty hard to fail because we assess every entrepreneur we onboard on this program.

If we feel that this program will not be a good fit for you, we will tell you right on our first call after we assess you.

So you see, there is ZERO downside for you when you get on an Application call with us. You get a roadmap and we get to see yet another happy face at the end of the call. 

Book an application call with a member of the team and we'll assess whether we can help you achieve your 2021 growth goals through The Abundant Entrepreneur Accelerator.

Want to know why I created this Accelerator Program?

Because I was frustrated!


Frustrated because I couldn't find a single program out there that could help me move the needle without getting me overwhelmed and stressed.


Frustrated because I knew that my audience would not care about fancy funnels and presentations. Yet I was put through training and frameworks that taught me how to create lousy funnels and ads. BORINGGGGG!


Frustrated because no one asked me what's holding me back or what are limiting beliefs. In short, nobody cared about my passions and values.


Frustrated because almost Every Program  asked me to invest in Ads before understanding my pain points and my unique gift.

“Loren, That’s Enough. No More Complicated Systems. It Needs To Be Simple.” 

Did some inner work and stepped into my true identity as a mentor and never looked back.

I knew exactly what problems I am good at solving and went in the market with just one presentation and BOOM!!

Fast Forward To Today - I have successfully built a multi 6-figure Coaching business taking one hour calls a week.

You must be wondering what's the secret behind Loren's success??

Let me give you the secret ingredient - It's Undivided FOCUS.

I killed my distractions, eliminated my urge to perfect every process, took messy actions on a daily basis and kept my eyes on one goal.

Lucky for you... I documented the whole process I went through.

And Here I am Today.. Putting that entire journey in an 8 week Accelerator that has the power to transform you into an Abundant Entrepreneur just like it did to me.

I’m on a mission to work with the next generation of high-impact coaches who transform people’s lives so they can be more conscious, awake and heart-based in how they operate.

If you would like to join me on my journey, click below and book your application call.

Behold... The Abundant Entrepreneur Accelerator Roadmap


Find Your True Calling & Mission as an Entrepreneur


Create and Package Your High Ticket Offer.


Enroll Your First Set of Clients Using Your Premium Offer.

Quantum Leap

Maximizing Your Profits While Keeping Your Clients Happy.

Did a $48K Launch with the Abundant Entrepreneur Framework.

Sold out her first two coaching programs and make $40K in less than 90 days.

Made $30K in sales in less than 60 days while being a Relationship Coach.

It's time for you to go from being an incredible yet struggling coach to being an Abundant Entrepreneur.

Week 1: Your Mission & Your Offer

In the launchpad, you will experience what it's like to be in perfect alignment with your core mission and calling. This is an important step and lays the foundation of your success with your Offer.

Week 2: Packaging Your Offer For High Paying Clients

We will take you through our process of creating your Money story so that there are no limits to what you can achieve going forward. And then move on to packaging and pricing your premium offer which will be reviewed personally by me.

Week 3: Enrolling Your Ideal Clients

This week's focus will be to help you attract your ideal clients. You need systems, processes and mindset shifts and that's exactly what you will get.

Week 4: High Ticket Selling Secrets

You will never find these secrets google or any other sales training. I have personally tested these methods and have enrolled over 1000 clients for my programs.

Week 5: Gathering Momentum

You will create a 90 Day Success Plan with me along with your cash flow projections and management. This week, I will give you a little sneak peek into my systems and processes. (P.S. It's Messy.. But It's One Beautiful Mess)

Week 6: Gearing up for Bigger Success + Automation

This week is all about setting up Automations so you don't get tied up in basic operations. We want to make sure that you get consistent results.

Week 7: Growth Frameworks For 6 Figure Years

Now that you already have your systems in place, all you need to do is make sure that the world knows about how awesome your program is. And that will happen once you have strategic growth plans in place.

By the end of Abundant Entrepreneur Accelerator, You will master...

The Complete Align-Build-Scale Framework so you can apply it to your business to scale to $100k and beyond without succumbing to marketing techniques that don't work.

The art and science of creating irresistible offers aligned perfectly with your vision, Zone of Genius and ideal clients.

Little-known lead generation strategies that work wonders for attracting your ideal clients to you.

Mindset hacks to overcome money blocks, impostor syndrome, and burnout.

Reprogramming your subconscious so you know what to do when you feel in a funk or when you hit the upper limit or a brick wall.

Tools, automations, hiring strategies and sales funnels that work seamlessly to help you scale beyond $10k Months!

...And MORE!

One Time Payment

$8,000 USD

  • 14 Live Coaching Calls with Loren and her team
  • 36 Pre-Recorded Trainings in Offer, Niche, Sales, Marketing, Systems, Mindset & Manifestation
  • 8 Bonus Trainings (Mindset and Copywriting)
  • Lifetime access to the Portal
  • Private Copywriting Review of your Offer
  • 1:1 Accountability Coach for 90 Days
  • BONUS: Call vault with (x) recorded coaching calls
  • BONUS: Emotion and Limiting Beliefs Program (10+ Hypnoses)

Payment Plan

$3,000 USD

3 payments ($9,000 USD Total)

  • 14 Live Coaching Calls with Loren and her team
  • 36 Pre-Recorded Trainings in Offer, Niche, Sales, Marketing, Systems, Mindset & Manifestation
  • 8 Bonus Trainings (Mindset and Copywriting)
  • Lifetime access to the Portal
  • Private Copywriting Review of your Offer
  • 1:1 Accountability Coach for 90 Days

Meet Your Mentor: Loren Trlin

So you’ve scrolled all the way to the bottom of this page only to find out who is behind this amazing accelerator program, right??

Well, you’re looking at her. Muhahaha!

Hi, I’m Loren Trlin and I created Abundant Entrepreneur Accelerator to support my one and only mission - “To work with the next generation of high-impact coaches who transform people’s lives and put more money, power and freedom in their hands.

You see, there’s a deeper reason behind why I feel SO passionately about empowering coaches to step up and shine in their brilliance while making money.

At the age of 22 I lost my Dad and that cracked me open.

I realized how fleetingly short life was and it made me question everything.

I started working with a psychologist and realized the impact coaches and therapists had on the human race.

I studied law and was a Successful Lawyer for 3 years. Was I happy? Heck, no!

Anxiety and Stress were my best friends. We hung out a lot back then.

To add to that, with my Dad’s passing, I was involved in the multi-million dollar liquidation of our family’s business. This led me to experience the gut-wrenching pain of a failing business.

Yes, I’ve seen the challenges and the turmoil that takes place when your business doesn’t turn out the way you thought it would.

Call it a Moment of Truth OR an Eye Opening Phase of my Life...

I finally accepted the truth that I wasn't happy as a lawyer and that I need to follow a profession where I can create maximum impact on the human race.

And that's what I did. I became a certified Life Coach.

It was a great experience because I was essentially taught how to help people.

But it didn't prepare me to run a business.

So I hired a Business Coach and that allowed me to tap into my personal and business vision and create a perfect alignment with what I wanted to do.

Results?? - Went from $0 to $100K in a matter of months.

Not overnight... Months.

Because Growing a 6-figure business takes time.

But doing it all alone without a mentor is only going to delay your success.

Listen - I know what it feels like to be you because I have been there too. Becoming a Guinea Pig and testing everything and investing a ton of time, money and energy wasn't pretty.

Thankfully, you don't have to go through that painful phase like I did.

Let me mentor you to build a profitable 6-figure coaching business around your genius and your vibration so you can create the impact you were born to create.

Your future clients are counting on you!

If you are ready to master the art of achieving 10k+ months consistently as a coach in the next 60 days...

Get on a FREE Application Call with my Team Today! >