A Power-Packed 12-Week Coaching Experience that combines High Performance, Energetics and Levels of Consciousness Training delivered by World Class Coaches


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"Human Potential is the only Limitless Resource we have in this World."

- Carly Fiorina

The Greatest Shift in Human Consciousness is happening RIGHT NOW!

We get tricked into seeing the world with a particular lens i.e. the lens of the physical world.

Every day consciously and unconsciously humans are trying to make sense of the world. And the way we have learned to do this is by thinking in linear terms.

You see, our brain is wired for Linear Thinking right from our kindergarten days.

However, The Truth is that Nothing in our Natural World is Linear.

Does the blood in our veins flow in a linear fashion? Nope..

Does the water travel down the drain linearly? Nope..

What about the air inside our lungs.. Does it propel itself linearly? Nope..

Yet, time and again, we have continued making "rational" decisions based on "linear thinking".

Well, the Good news is that the SHIFT from linear to non linear consciousness has already begun.

Humans have started understanding the Power of consciousness and non linear thinking and are riding waves of changes as you read this.

"The Intuitive Mind is a sacred gift and the Rational Mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift."

- Albert Einstein
Join The First of its Kind A.I. Based Training Program designed to Help You Master the Mindset, Energetics and Emotions required to shift Levels of Consciousness and take Quantum Leaps in Your Life.

This 60 Days Certification Program will CHALLENGE You to Grow & Expand in ways you never imagined.  It will open up a whole new portal for you to effortlessly master in the areas of mindset, energetics, and emotions.

Whether you want to become a highly sought-after coach, build a prosperous career within your organization, or take your own personal and professional life to new heights - This program will help.

In the critical areas for success - growth mindset, personal leadership, energetics, and emotional intelligence - we use the world's first SOL Levels of Consciousness™  technology to transform and uplevel the growth and performance of your thoughts, soul, and consciousness.

The SOL Method™  Certification Program opens the door to breakthrough results in businesses, relationships, family and the ability to help, heal, and transform others.

Once you go through this program, your life will never be the same, and you’ll be able to empower others in ways beyond what you thought possible.

By the time we’re through with this program, the people in your world will have noticed a Greater YOU Emerging.


Can A.I. really Help Create Shifts in Our Levels of Consciousness?


We've taken a decade of human behaviour study, experimentation, and development and combined it with the most cutting-edge technological breakthroughs to create a proven technique that ensures growth, change, and greater performance, as well as your long-term success.

With an accuracy of 90%+, our proprietary technology SOL Levels of Consciousness™ measures Levels of Consciousness ranging from 0 to 600.

Imagine if you could accurately identify key emotions and limiting beliefs that are holding you back?

Well, you can stop imagining now because our technology helps you do just that and more.

When you sign up for The SOL Method™ program, you will get unbiased and personalized AI generated insights that will help you identify your blocks and facilitate shifts in your consciousness.

At SOL, We stand by 3 Pillars of QUANTUM GROWTH:

Understanding your DNA as a changemaker will help you create a conscious energetic shift which will allow you to fully prosper and shine. Our technology will give you the most insightful AI-driven personalized reports.

Understanding your DNA as a changemaker will help you create a conscious energetic shift which will allow you to fully prosper and shine. Our technology will give you the most insightful AI-driven personalized reports.

This is where the MAGIC happens. This is where you will be asked to make BOLD decisions in order to move to your next level of consciousness and experience pure DIVINE.

Part I: Getting the Fundamentals Right

Module One: Introduction to The SOL Method

Navigating the Levels of Consciousness 

BONUS: Generating and utilizing the results from your personalized SOL Report

Analyzing your SOL Report results

Identifying your key areas of focus inside The SOL Method

Developing your personalized clearing protocol

Module Two: Understanding the Linear vs Non-linear

Understanding the limitations of Linear Reality

Why we encounter “resistance” 

Collapsing space and time by stepping into Nonlinear Reality.

Finding your “Path of Least Resistance”

Spontaneous manifestation using The SOL Method

BONUS: Practical tools and exercises.


Part II: Clearing "The Field"

Module Three: Clearing "The Field"

Understanding the nature of “The Field”

Introduction to key concepts

A practical intro to “karma”

The nature of karmic responsibility 

Truth vs truth

Luciferic energy and “half truths”

Aligning to Truth

BONUS: Practical tools and exercises.


Module Four: Clearing "The Field" Pt. II

Practical tools and exercises to clear “The Field” of:

“Lower vibrational” emotions

Limiting beliefs

Understanding the nature of “triggers”


Module Five: Clearing "The Field" Pt. III

Breaking through linear paradigms 

Understanding the nature of Distortions (both internal and external) 

Aligning your Environment to support Quantum Leaps


Part III: It's Time To Quantum Leap

Module Six: Navigating The Real World

Practical approaches and perspectives on navigating:

Interpersonal relationships - partners, family and friends

Digital media



Polarity and duality

Spiritual ego

Money and finances


Module Seven: Non-Linear Decision-Making - Mastering the Quantum Leap

Making “hard” decisions in order to Quantum 

Staying in flow

Navigating “the gap” between levels of consciousness 

The Nature of Divinity

Common misconceptions about the Divine

The blocks to experiencing the Divine



Part IV: SOL Certified & Business Academy

Module Eight: Becoming a SOL Certified Coach (Pt. I)

The SOL Method from a Coach/Practitioner lens

Applying the SOL Method in a coaching and training setting


Module Nine: Becoming a SOL Certified Coach (Pt.II)

Advanced coaching skills

Frequently asked questions


Module Ten: Business Academy (Pt.I)

Clarifying your SOL offer and niche

The SOL Method AI-driven client attraction process

Delivering enormous value to your ideal client


Module Eleven: Business Academy (Pt.II)

Non-linear marketing and sales

Advanced business growth

Navigating business challenges through the SOL lens



Module Twelve: Business Academy (Pt.III)

Exponential growth and impact principles

Alignment with God

Open Q&A




By The End of This Program I Want You To:


STEP UP into the Next level of your consciousness and embody your new reality.

DISCOVER and shed the patterns that no longer serve you.

ALIGN with your INNER FIELD to become a fully integrated and WHOLE being.

If you’re here, you’ve always stood out from the crowd in your own way.

And now, It's time for you to create that intimate relationship with your soulful being

So you can step into your soul identity and show up as a changemaker and a force to be reckoned with.


Founder Member Offering


One Time Payment

  • 12 x Live Coaching and Q&A calls with Andrew and Loren
  • 24 months FULL ACCESS to the student portal (includes all updates)
  • Weekly exercises to shift your Level of Consciousness (2 to 4 clearing exercises per week 
  • Practitioner & Client Workbooks and Resources
  • PRIVATE community for 12 months of ongoing support with SOL Certified Coaches 
  • ACCESS to SOLmeter.app Subscription for 12-months
  • The SOL Method physical and digital NFT Certificates 

Looking for a payment plan or finance? Book an enrollment call here or DM Loren on Instagram.

Let's talk results...

The SOL Levels of Consciousness TM is a validated method for shifting the “Level of Consciousness” of each individual group member by 15 points per group coaching call over a series of 12 calls.

After Working With Us, Our Clients Have:

1) Achieved greater sense of personal peace and contentment

2) Improved their relationships

3) Seen exponential career growth and advancement

4) Witnessed Massive Growth in Business Revenue and Profitability

5) Experienced more fulfilling and joyful moments


This is for you if:

You are ready to take big, bold steps in life and are willing to put in the work.

You want to step into your True Natural Identity, and Embody it with Integrity.

You want to Quantum Leap in all aspects of your life.

You're ready to UNLOCK your full potential and create more abundance and impact.



Mindset, Manifestation, and Business Coach.

Former lawyer and human behavioral specialist.

Her life's mission and purpose is to raise human consciousness on a global scale by supporting entrepreneurs, leaders, light workers, and coaches in creating a life of abundance and impact.


Intuitive Tech Creator

Former founder, with experience at NASA, Yale’s Center for Emotional Intelligence, and Headspace

Andrew is dedicated to merging the power of compassion with the precision of AI to support positive clarity on a global scale.


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