Creatrix Codes™

Wealth & Worth

A transformational 30-day journey designed to help you master the energetics and strategies of money mindset, wealth and worth to grow your Net (Self) Worth.


Being a wealthy human (in all definitions of the word) is your birthright.

In order to fulfill the highest expression of our soul in this lifetime, we must master our relationship with wealth, money and self-worth.

Money is energy.

Wealth is an energetic blueprint.

And our ability to manifest our desires is deeply rooted in our self-worth.

When we make a commitment to becoming a wealthy human, we make a commitment to becoming the highest expression of ourselves by mastering the mindset, the strategies and the energetics of personal worth.


Creatrix Codes™:

Wealth & Worth

Is a 30-day process designed to rewire your brain and shift your frequency around your relationship with your self-worth, your deservingness and your ability to manifest the life and freedom that you desire. 


What you receive:

Four 2-hour coaching calls.

The Creatrix Codes Workbook with journal prompts and exercises.

2 Emotional Clearing Hypnoses for self-worth, guilt and shame.

2 Rapping Tapping

recordings on money and self-worth.

One investment of $111

  • Four 90-minute recorded coaching calls.
  • Creatrix Code workbook with questions and journal prompts.
  • Two emotional clearing hypnoses on self-worth and deservingness.
  • Two Rapping Tapping
    taps on money, wealth and worth.

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